A Kidnapping: Radio4 Drama

A Kidnapping: Radio4 Drama

‘A Kidnapping’ is a three-part radio play for BBC Radio 4 and enjoyed both critical success and a certain amount of controversy after its recent broadcast. Set in the Philippines, it tells the story of two foolish teachers who realise they have the most extraordinary opportunity. They work at Manila’s top international school, and have open access to the children of the rich and famous. Would it be possible to kidnap a child, and make instant-millions? So quick, so easy, so harmless… The ransom would be paid in cash – fast – and the teachers would be out of the country at the end of their contract. The child would be safe, and they’d be millionaires.

‘No, it wasn’t autobiographical,’ says Andy (who spent five years working at one Manila’s top international schools). ‘You’d have to be insane to attempt it, and deeply immoral. But the idea emerged when I saw that school security was focused on those outside the walls. The children in our care were protected from intruders, and we had endless systems in place to keep them safe. What if there was an enemy within? What if some desperate teacher went crazy for a moment, and convinced himself abduction was possible? That teacher would step into a very dangerous world, and discover Manila bites back, hard…’

The plays were broadcast in March 2014 over three days, as Radio 4’s Afternoon Play. The Daily Mail called the drama ‘a gripping thriller.’ The first episode was featured in the Radio Times and highly-recommended, and according to listeners on Radio 4’s feedback, the plays were ‘spellbinding…five stars.’ Andy will be working with the plays’ director, John Dryden, over the next few months to create the film-script. John and Andy are also planning a 15-part Radio 4 series with veteran dramatist Mike Walker.

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