Trash the Movie is in the can

Trash the Movie is in the can

'Trash: the movie' is finally finished. The team – Stephen Daldry, Richard Curtis and Kris Thykier - are back from Rio, and the editing is almost over.
‘I’ve seen the first cut,’ says Andy, ‘and it’s mesmerizing. Martin Sheen is good, and so is Rooney Mara – what took my breath away, though, were the performances of the three boys. Stephen is a magician when it comes to conjuring fine performances out of kids, but how he’s managed to let those boys steer the entire film, and fill it with their own mixture of menace and charisma…it’s beyond me.’

But you saw it being made. Is it such a surprise?

‘I was in Rio for a fortnight, getting in the way and asking stupid questions. I saw some of the rushes, but I had no idea what was being constructed. Making a film is a long, tiring, expensive jig-saw puzzle. The director comes home with a few thousand tiny pieces, and sits down to assemble them. What I saw was real alchemy. It’s a sizzling thriller, with some very upsetting violence – but then it’s a violent book. The changes are intelligent, and I couldn’t be happier or more hopeful.’

Release date: October 2014


The boys: left to right, meet Rat, Gardo and Raphael.

A safe and healthy dump, created specially for the filming of 'Trash'

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