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RIO DE JANEIRO — Stephen Daldry’s Rio-set, young-adult thriller “Trash,” – a groundbreaking movie in concept, financing and distribution – world premiered at the swish Cinepolis Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro to large applause.

There was also gleeful local appreciation of Daldry’s swings, from a Richard Curtis screenplay, at Brazil’s corruption-sodden elite, the police, its religious powers, even a Brazilian soccer assn. Read the full review here

John Hopewell - Yahoo Movies

United Kingdom

What is so magnificent about TRASH is that for a child reader it's a kind of precursor to 'Oliver Twist'. .It's a thrilling story about children getting the better of adults. Its cruelties are those of a fairytale, as is its message of hope.

Amanda Craig- The Times

Trash is a brilliant book. It's vibrant, exciting and incrediby well-written.

John Boyne - author of 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'

Harrowing, exhilarating, humbling and quite brilliant.

The Bookseller UK

Andy Mulligan has moved from the English countryside to a Latin American slum for his follow up to the school story Ribblestrop. TRASH is a thriller with moral weight and a complex structure….. Without ever moralising, Mulligan raises issues of corruption, poverty, waste and excess in an exciting, but also grimly sad tale.

Suzi Feay - The Financial Times

Headlong and heart-stopping, this is an adventure you just can’t put down.

Julia Eccleshare - Love Reading 4 Kids

The story has an infectious energy...This is a highly entertaining and very satisfying book which should be recommended to all. It needs to be read.

Marylin Brocklehurst - The Bookseller

If you read one book this year, just a single one, make sure you read is a book which you will enjoy reading, where you will learn things and which will make you think. We definitely need more books like this.

Portrait of a Woman


This gripping book engages readers both as an adventure and as a social justice story

Publishers' Weekly US

Readers over the age of 12 will cheer as the three resourceful friends out-think, out-plan and outwit all the adults who, whether kindly, callously or brutally, seek to thwart them.

Wall Street Journal

An imaginative and detailed plot, enhanced with an intriguing storytelling technique, "Trash" is every bit as special as the wallet around which its story revolves.

Los Angeles Times

In alternating and tightly paced points of view, supplemented by occasional other voices, the boys relate the intrigue in which they're quickly enmeshed. It all adds up to a cracker of a thriller, a zippy and classic briefcase-full-of-money thrill ride.

Kirkus Review USA

It's 'Treasure Island' meets 'Slumdog Millionaire' in a rousing and hugely entertaining adventure...readers will love this outstanding incarnation of a classic genre.

The Horn Book


A tale of strength and hardship, this is an authentic story about the power of hope.

Notebook magazine

You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

Total Girl magazine

Trash is a thriller with a big heart, loaded with action, tension and intrigue

Sunday Age

A real page turner. I’m now waiting for the movie

Good Reading magazine

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